Finley Bakery V.1

My new WatchMaker face!

Finley Bakery V.1

Created as an homage to the Award Winning Finley Bakery in Finley, NSW.

Finley Bakery – Bright

The best, most creative, delectable pies and hot rolls. Fresh sandwiches and rolls, made to order. Some of the most incredible cakes and sweets and of course the best bread.

Finley Bakery – Dimmed

Add to this perfectly made coffee, by super friendly people. This is the place to have a stop and get refreshed.

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What 3 Words

My new WatchMaker face!
What Three Words

A watchface, that may save a life.

If you need Emergency Services, but dont know where you are.

This watchface, is based on the system of 3m x 3m squares over the Earths surface.


Emergency Services and Rescue Services can use the website, or app, to find your location, based on what 3 words system.

Pass on the what 3 words and they will know where you are.

The watch includes a basic weather icon, so you know the forecast. A watch is hidden, so it is useful, yet you wont keep looking at it, causing stress.

Finally, a compass, provides directional knowledge.

If you put your watch into low battery mode, the display is still available, with those all important 3 words.

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